Thursday, May 22, 2008

Sex and the City! May 30th

Ok Darlings:

At this point who has not heard about the upcoming US premiere next Friday, May 30th. I am sure by now you've heard of many SATC themed events like this one in DC sponsored by the GWFCC.

A few weeks ago I started thinking about fun girls-night-out ideas. I even started drinking cosmos again when I went out to get that Carrie-esque mood back which was not hard because everywhere I turned there were pictures of Sarah Jessica Parker and the girls. Like these...

I even ordered a cosmo on Saturday while at the Sequoia outside bar with some friends...but alas they did not make them so I had to settle for a Heineken. I tried. Needless to say I began to visualize a plan of meeting my friends for cosmos beforehand and then heading to the movie or seeing the movie and then having dinner and cosmos with friends afterwards while we styled, profiled and critiqued. I was at work pondering the planning stages like the maid of honor brainstorming the bridal shower when I got an amazing idea via text. It was like great minds vibe over communicative electromagnetic signals sent via hovering satellites...phew...mouthful. My sister, now in NYC thought it would be great to meet up with friends in the City to watch SATC! Brilliance! Wink wink ... an apple from the same tree. So this is what my sister, I and some friends will be doing next weekend...exciting. You too have to plan some fun girlfriend zexy hang out! Any reason to hang out with friends is a good reason in my book.

Hugs and besos.

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