Saturday, April 12, 2008

Great DC Find: Shopping Party at Saks Fifth

Hi Darlings:

I am trying to catch you up on my week. I've been so busy. I almost wish at times there was a 60 hour day created just on my behalf. Selfish ...not really I am sure many of you feel the same. It always seem like there is always a new project to take on ...the possibilities are limitless. Oh the life!

So, I am going to try to be better about taking pictures. Lately, I have been forgetting my camera which is not the best when I want you to see what I experienced. For example, last Thursday I went to a shopping party at the Saks Fifth Avenue in Chevy Chase, Md. Unlike the parties that you might be used to like Shecky's where you pay to attend, pay for the services and pay for drinks, this event was free, with free flowing champagne and scrumptious desserts.

Picture this: you enter the main level of the store. The lights are bright so much you feel its more than just regular hours. You feel special as a woman greets you at the door and informs you that not only is the event free but you can also win fabulous gift baskets. As a matter of fact, you get a free chance by just walking in the doors. The dessert waitress walks by and the options are delish - how can you choose?! But you do ... and it is delightful. Next the drinks waitress walks giving you two options: lychee martinis or champagne. You contemplate the old drinking and then driving but realize that the fabulousness of the moment require that you look the part of a diva which would not be complete if you were not able to sashay through the store with your martini glass. By the way, the martini was superb - not too sweet not too liquor-y. Simply great and way more than the "its free" great.

You inspect the gift baskets, walk into the Chanel salon and admire the purses. You walk by the new Valentinos, look at the Louis Vuittons, and the Chloe's. You see a sign - does it really say 2 purses for $1000 and a $400 gift certificate and $400 for two pairs of shoes. In the shoe salon, you walk by the Laboutin's and as the alcohol kicks and your reserve weakens you have an aha moment about alcohol, pastries and shopping as your hand moves with ease towards your wallet.

Hugs and besos!

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