Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Divas in the News and more..

Hi Darlings:

Hope you are having a fabulous week so far. I can't believe it is already Wednesday...yay! Let the happy hour celebrations begin.

The mothers for the mormon group FLDS won't be celebrating anytime soon. If they do read CNN they would be fascinated to know that they are making waves for fashion as well as their religion. The question: By following the rules of their faith are they making a fashion statement or giving a fashion lesson in don'ts? Welcome to the world of celebrity where everyone thinks they have the privilege to nitpick everything thing you wear, how you comb your hair and your social and person life.

Nicole Richie would definitely know a lot about that..
(courtesy of

Now she looks amazing!

Speaking of Divas and nitpicking here are the Pennsylvania results. I promise to never inundate you with the details but having the primaries go on and on is becoming less nail biting and more nail tapping. Let's not forget in other political news that the Bush wedding is around the corner...

Los Angeles and culture are two words we rarely see together - not so anymore. There is slowly becoming a lot more to LA than movies.

And with that I am off to work.


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