Sunday, April 27, 2008

Avon and Fashion ...What's next?

Hi Darlings:

I saw these cute jute wedges on the Avon site and had to share. They are also under $30. Perfect for sundresses, jeans (my favs) or any Spring/Summer fashion wear.

I actually am not really surprised by this move since Avon has been actively strengthening its brand in the last few years by promoting its Mark. brand of makeup. The similarity to MAC may not be a coincidence. I am curious as to what will come next but I must honestly say that only a few items on the website are actually items I would wear. They are too pastel and simple design that are similar to Spiegel or a better version of JC Penny. These wedges were by far the No. 1 and only draw for me taking a second look at the site. Maybe they are a sign of more fashion forward designs to come from Avon in the future. Happy shopping.

Hugs and besos.

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