Monday, May 21, 2007

Forever 21 - Jewelry Heaven

Dear Divas:
I am going to let you know about a store I have loved forever. I know the diva code says I have to keep such finds a secret but I could not keep this joy inside me any longer. I have to share but don't expect another reveal in the near future!

So my sister and I embarked on one of our adventures to the mall. I was preparing for my vacation and needed some jewelry and t-shirts for the trip. I have been so enthralled with the gold layering that has been in style the last year or so. I had to get some "gold" jewelry for my trip. We thought of one place that would fulfill all our needs - Forever 21. So, we walked in the mall and followed the bright lights and colors to F21. So much to see especially in the way of jewelry. I was surprised and happy. The jewelry collection at my now fav store more than surpassed H&M, Macy's, Nordstroms and even Claire's. A Diva budget or couture could rock some of the pieces. And for under $4, who cares if they break or turn. Whatevs.

Happy shopping!

Necklaces and bracelets - under $7; Earrings - under $4

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