Friday, June 29, 2007

Great DC find - new vegetarian/vegan restaurants

Hi Divas:

With all the change happening in DC right now this change can definitely be felt in the available dining options for vegetarian/vegan diners. I am not even vegetarian or vegan but I've had some of the best meals at the local restaurants that cater to non-meat lovers. I know the meal is healthy for the most part and most of the time I CAN'T tell the difference between the taste of the vegan foods and the meat-lovers versions. See my past post on the Sticky Fingers Bakery in Columbia Heights.

Java Green - great lunch option! Great prices - under $10. They have these great organic rice bowls and smoothies that will blow your tastebuds away! And they are socially conscious.

Amsterdam Falafel Shop - By far my favorite place to eat in Adam's Morgan. Whenever I am in the area I stop by the Falafel shop. Great falafel sandwiches with an amazing variety of toppings. - a meal from between $4.50 - $10.

Vegetate - Great location for groups or cozy dinner! Meals for about $30

Only a few of the local offerings. Keep in mind that local restaurants like Ghana Cafe, Jyoti Restaurant, Sala Thai and many more all offer more than just a few vegetarian options on their menus.

Happy eating Divas! Another great DC find.....

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