Sunday, May 13, 2007

Salsa Matchmaking

Hey Divas:

My sister aka "social butterfly" convinced me that we should go to a local spot to celebrate Cinco de Mayo. When we arrived at the Happy Hour location, there were cute guys everywhere but they all seemed interested in two things - free drinks and food. This must be the universal call of the man. Well, umm women too!

We were fascinated with this intriguing attribute to the club scene since ever so often the DJ was apt to remind us that the latin dance lessons were starting soon. The short older looking instructor was full of excitement as he also made brief announcements with a few cursory merengue marching like steps while holding unto the slender mic. We looked at him on the empty dance floor with fascination. We were in doubt that he would get anyone to dance since at the start of the evening the music was outdated and the buffet line was growing. Nevertheless we were sober and entertained.

Miraculously when the lessons started 3 or 4 women stepped unto the dance floor. Eager and ready to learn. Motioning at the last minute to their friends on the sidelines to hold their purses. Smiles abound and hands once cool from holding drinkings now smoothing out invisible wrinkles. They were ready to go but they needed dance partners. To our surprise short and direct instructor pulled a few men closest to the dance floor unto the scene to help the women properly learn the dance routine. By the second session of Merengue there were three times as many men on the dance floor and four times the original amount of women. When he moved on to salsa the dance floor was packed. Everyone moving in unison like a well oiled machine. Dance partners clasping each others hands while counting step for step. Everyone seemed happy. The scene was spectacular and we were still amused.

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