Friday, November 06, 2009

Diva Bugs Talks Shopping With Kristi Yamaguchi

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Here is the second part of the interview with Kristi Yamaguchi where we delve a little more on her thoughts about fashion. The first part of the interview was on her partnership with the American Lung Association for the Faces of Influenza project. We've often wondered about the role fashion plays in her life and now we know.

1.) How did it feel to go from figure skating to Dancing with the Stars? Was the decision based on the ability to add more accessories to your stage wear? :)

I do have to say I love crystals and sparkly costumes, although learning how to dance was my biggest draw to the show. You would think that as a figure skater I would have had it easier learning the dance moves, but it’s totally different movement in the legs. I was on Advil the entire time! But it was great learning to dance, and my partner Mark Ballas was amazing.

2.) What was your favorite DWTS costume? How did it look? Why did you like it?

It’s so hard to pick my favorite with all the great costumes there were! But I loved the first outfit I danced in – the dress was gold and covered in crystals, and I had on opera length gloves. I felt very elegant.

3.) What is your favorite online or “brick and mortar” store?
Nordstrom is great – especially because they carry shoes in a size five! Nordstrom’s and are the only places I can find shoes that fit me.

4.) Is there a favorite item of clothing or accessory that you could wear every day or with anything? Why? How long have you owned it?

I gravitate toward cashmere sweaters, especially in the winter. They’re comfortable but still make an outfit look put together. I have had my favorite sweater for over 10 years. They never go out of style.

5.) How has your fashion changed with becoming a mom?
I look for things that are machine-washable and require very little ironing! But I do like to keep up with the trends.

6.) What is a typical day like for you?
I don’t think there is a typical day. But when I’m home, my focus is on being a mom and spending time with my two daughters.

7.) Are you a jeans or khaki or slacks girl?
Definitely jeans – I have a pair for every occasion.

Thanks Kristi!

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